7 Factors That Parents Need to Know About Transition From E I To Special Education at Age

7 Factors That Parents Need to Know About Transition From E I To Special Education at Age

Are you the parent of a child under the age of 3 with autism or maybe a physical disability, receiving early intervention services? Are you concerned about what will take place for your kid when they transition to special education? Would you like to possess a couple of things that you can take into account during this procedure? This short article can help you have an inside track on the transition from EI to special education.

1. 6 Months before your kid turns three your EI service coordinator Will have to notify your college district about your child and their disabilities. You as a parent really should also notify your college district in writing, about your child’s disabilities and wants. I would attach to the letter any testing that your youngster has received even though in Early Intervention, as well as any reports written (health-related, OT, PT, Speech/Language). Also, contained within the letter that you just think your youngster is eligible for special education and associated services, and you appear forward to working with special education personnel.

2. Start to educate yourself concerning the People with Disabilities Education Act. Go to Google and put in Notion or spell it out and a lot of facts might be located. Also, start out looking for a parent group in your location that may make it easier to turn out to be educated in this location. Special education personnel may well try and inform you of points that are not accurate, and education will help you overcome these untrue statements, for the good of the kid.

3. Screening is not essential when your youngster transitions from EI to special education, in line with Concept. Some college districts are telling parents that their kid should be screened, and after that tell them that their child will not be eligible for special education services. In case your college district will not accept the reports in the testing your child has currently received, ask for extra testing. Don’t accept screening as an eligibility tool, since it is not!!

4. A conference has to be held at the very least 3 months just before your youngster turns 3 among the parents, the EI service coordinator plus a representative of the college district. Insist that your child’s disabilities be discussed, demands for related services (PT, OT, Speech/Language), previous testing, and testing the child requires now, whether or not your child is eligible for special education services, and plan solutions for the child till the end of your college year.

5. If achievable bring a further parent or advocate who’s experienced with Notion, to this conference. They may help ensure that your youngster receives the special education and related services that they need and are entitled to beneath the Men and women with Disabilities Education Act. Do not take no for an answer!

6. If testing is needed, it needs to commence straight away and be completed just before the child’s third birthday.

7. Special Education services ought to begin by the child’s third birthday, not after!

You happen to be properly in your method of becoming an efficient advocate for your kid! Maintain up the great operation, your child will appreciate it!