Managing EdTech Growth

Managing EdTech Growth

As a founder of a fast-growing EdTech company, you are constantly thinking about growth. It’s your job to keep the business moving forward, and more than that—to make sure it keeps moving forward as efficiently and effectively as possible. But how do you manage this process? What does it even mean to “manage” growth? And what should you be focusing on right now?

In this article, I’ll share some lessons learned from my own experience managing the growth of an EdTech company called Instructure (formerly Pluralsight) over the past few years. Hopefully they can help you navigate the choppy waters of growing your own business!

Growth is hard.

Growth is a challenge. It can be good, but it can also be bad. You need to manage growth so that you are making the most of the opportunities that come with it and not being overwhelmed by them.

To manage your edtech business’ growth, here are some things to start thinking about:

  • How do we scale our customer service?
  • How do we ensure that our product development stays ahead of customer needs?
  • What type of talent acquisition strategy will work best for us now and in the future?

Some companies thrive on hyper growth, but most do not.

Some companies thrive on hyper growth, but most do not. If you’re not in the right market with the right product at the right time, then don’t let your company get caught up in hyper growth. It will only cause more problems than …

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